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Prince Zak

LS 1.2

Drinking fruit juice is healthy.

I like butter spread on my toast.

LS 1.4


LS 1.5

Word Simple Past Past Continuous
play played was playing
kick kicked was kicking


Section A

While we were playing in the park, we saw a snake.

Dan was running while listening to his songs.

When John was running, he fell.

Section B

1) If I study hard, I will pass my exams.

2) If I were you, I will pay attention in class.

3) If you keep spending your money like this, you will not have enough to spend tomorrow.

4) If Roger wins this competition, he will give us a treat.

5) Raise your hand if you have any other questions to ask the teacher.

6) You will be punished if you continue to misbehave.

7) You should behave in class if you do not want to get punished.

8) You should ask nicely if you want to learn how to bake from my sister.

LS 1.6

I can pass my exams if I study hard.

You may come to my house to learn together.

We must do homework fast and hand in on time.

We should learn together.

I would ensure that my work is completed before handing it in.

Sentence Synthesis 2

P4 Synth 2

1. All the children stopped work when the fire alarm went off.

2. When Alan was informed that his wife had given birth to twins, he jumped with joy. 

3. When the fire fighters arrived at the scene of the incident, they quickly put out the fire. 

4. Joyce apologised to Mary when she realised her mistake. 

5. My ankle was injured when I tripped over a bar of soap. 

Sentence Synthesis 1

​P4 Sentence Synthesis 1

1. Mr Ong is wealthy but very stingy.

2. John was unwell yet he went to play at the playground.

3. Although Mrs Tan forgave her son, she did not forget the incident.

4. Although Susan Lee did not study for her test last night, she passed her test.

5. Alice did not report the shoplifter to the police although she saw him stealing.