7 Feb 2017 Tuesday

– outstanding

– Prince zak corrections

– Canoe Diary

– Summary for previous readers theatre session

– allocation done. (may have to check with zhiying’s grp again. they did the allocation for the absentees)

– went thru grp support system (weak readers are allowed to pair off with another reader so they can participate esp Calden)

– went thru etiquette : they have to practise with appropriate volume and the groups will find their space in the class so that they can practise without raising their voices

– went thru etiquette for audience. (listen even if they can’t hear the presentors)

– self practice (with own lines) then with group practice

– 1 minute try outs with 3 groups (emphasise on the need to check on readiness, helping other readers prepare, volume, posture)

– went thru judges’ rubrics.


Author: TheArugo

In life, we try to do what we can do best. What better way to share my progress and discovery as I am already spending time on it as a relevant educator.

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