Canoe Diary


pasta – I need food.

sleeping bag – It is more comfortable to sleep in than on the ground. 

chocolate – It can give me an extra boost of energy. 

matches – I can start a campfire with these. 

camera – I use this to take photos of plants and animals.  




July 21

simple past : I packed my bag. 

past continuous: I was packing my bag. 

present: I pack my bag. 

future: I am going to pack my bag. 

July 24: 

simple past – I watched a terrapin. 

July 25:

past continuous- I was looking for a beaver. 

July 26:

simple past – I looked for firewood. 

July 27:

simple past – I stayed in my tent. 





Author: TheArugo

In life, we try to do what we can do best. What better way to share my progress and discovery as I am already spending time on it as a relevant educator.

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