– HW: little red dot 21/2. grammar cloze pg 14 and 15. cut out. staple to foolscap.  and complete. (Monday submission)

– went thru Ruby’s sunflower stellar ws. LS 3.1 part 1. LS 3.2 part 1. LS 3.5. 

– HW: individual composition writing “A Helpful Friend” (Monday submission)


22/2 Wed


– Unable to cover Little Red Dot today. will try tml. 

– Individual composition writing (contents planning) done for title “A Helpful Friend”

– individual composition writing “A Helpful Friend” on foolscap. to be submitted next Monday

– To take note:

Contents planning for composition shld be less than 10 minutes. 

Main points to note for contents 

(i) must have complete story structure 

(ii) must be paragraphed 

(iii) must be relevant to title

20 Feb Monday

– grammar cloze 2 and grammar cloze 3 handed in. 
– spelling week 7 completed. pls note that corrections have to be done thrice. 

– class composition completed.

– corrections for the dictation in the previous week is from the paragraph in the stellar reader “canoe diary”

corrections for dictation – copy the paragraph once.